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Gasoline Storage Tank

Fuel can be a friend or foe. We need it to power up the engines running most of our vehicles and industrial machines.


But the benefits of fuel are equal to the troubles it can cause when not properly handled. Thus, every person wanting to keep gasoline for future use must use the right gasoline storage tank.


For the record, gasoline is among the most difficult types of fuel to store.


Gasoline has the property of high vapor pressure, causing it to evaporate and vanish in thin air more quickly than any other types of fuel.

Apart from that, gasoline does not need high temperature to ignite, making it very sensitive to temperature change, especially when the environment starts to get really hot. Oftentimes, gasoline requires chemical treatment when stored for a lengthy period to prevent undesirable change with its chemical composition.


Gasoline storage tanks (sometimes referred to as a gas storage tank or fuel storage tank) come in different sizes and are made for various purposes. There are storage tanks that do not require semi-permanent installation and there are also those that demand for right installation prior to any use.



Portable storage tanks are small quantity storage systems suitable for use during camping, a long joy ride or simply storing fuel for future use. Military vehicles used during the WWII were deployed with portable fuel storage tanks. Classic Jeeps were also made to carry gas storage tanks. 


Portable gas storage tanks can typically store between 3 to 20 gallons of fuel, and we specifically discuss options from Blitz and No Spill. These are mostly made of stainless steel or durable plastic that securely trap the flammable liquid inside and hinder the release of fumes. When used in vehicles, portable fuel storage tanks are mostly attached to the back portion of the vehicle so as not to ruin the internal functions of the ride.



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Underground gasoline storage tanks are the ones used by gas stations and other large industrial operations to hold enough supply of gasoline for public or private consumption. The size of the tank can be as large as a 20,000 fuel tank or more.



Underground fuel storage tanks are safer than any other types of storage since they are buried under the ground at a safe depth. However, underground gas storage can still pose more danger once fumes and leakages start to develop within the tank. 

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Installation of underground gasoline storage tanks demand more work and expertise. This requires state certified specialists and procurements of documents before any installation can be made. A single miscalculation of the construction of the basement and support for the tank may lead to untoward incidents that could trigger a devastating explosion. 


Another type of large quantity tanks are those that are installed above ground. These are mostly seen near warehouses and industrial or manufacturing facilities.


A good example of this type of fuel storage tank is those installed on gasoline tankers; more specifically, trailers and trucks that transport gas from one destination to the other. 


Installing a large quantity gasoline storage tank is definitely a good investment for businesses that require much on transportation and depend more on fuel consumption.


Fuel suppliers often provide large discounts to bulk orders, so a 100 gallon delivery can actually save your business a lot in terms of the bottom line.